The Five R’s of Restoration

You are visiting SoulRefreshedJourney. The next few days I will be sharing with you what I am calling, The Five R’s of Restoration. The Lord is the One Who restores our souls. I want to share with you five ways I am learning to find restoration in Him.

The Lord desires that we find all we need in Him. He told the Israelites of their sin in not doing so in Jeremiah 2:13, “My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken me the Fountain of living water, And hewn for themselve cisterns– broken cisterns that can hold no water.” The Lord is saying that the Israelites sought out ways to meet their needs apart from Him, and the ways they chose were not successful or honoring to Him. I am guilty of that. I try to work it all out. I try to be self-sufficient, and then realize it isn’t what I want or it doesn’t work. The Lord knows exactly what we need, and what is best for us. He knows us better than we know ourselves.

My next five blogs will be about finding restoration in Him through ways He has given us in His Word. Here is a brief preview of what’s coming.

Be Refreshed as you go to a quiet place to spend time with the Lord.

Find Rest in the midst of the chaos, be still  trust, and wait.

Receive from Him. He wants us to call on Him and He promises to answer.

Reflect as you look into His Word, considering what it means for you right in the moment, then keep it in your heart mulling it over throughout the day.

Relate to the Lord in a deeper, more consistent way throughout each day as you grow in knowing His presence and learn to be present with Him.

May each path to restoration encourage your heart as you grow in intimacy with the Lord.

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