Loving God


I just finished a Bible study by Catherine Martin titled A Heart that Hopes in God. The last question of the study asked for the reader to go back through the study and look for important truths that have been learned in the study that give hope. I had underlined a lot, and took time to read through each section that I had marked. It is obvious that much of our hope comes from the love we receive from God, in knowing the depth of His love for us. But the thing that most inspired me was a certain man’s love for God.

Psalm 18:1NLT “I love you LORD, you are my strength.

It was explained in my study that the word here for love is “raham” which means to love deeply and compassionately. This Psalm was written by David, shepherd boy and king. The word raham is used only this once in speaking from man to God, all other times it is used in the Bible it is used to describe God’s love for man (A Heart that Hopes in God).

The depth of David’s love for God amazed me. The Lord said that David was “a man after his own heart”(1 Samuel 13:14). It makes sense that a man after God’s own heart would love Him deeply and compassionately.

Considering this made me think about my love for God, is my love for Him deep and compassionate? The Lord asks us to love Him with all our heart, soul, and strength (Deuteronomy 6:5). The Lord sees our hearts, He sees what and how we love. He must weep at what He sees.

This world so cheapens love. David really knew God’s love and returned that same love back to Him. The Lord says when we search for Him with all of our hearts we will find Him (Jeremiah 29:13). I think that David found Him, grew to know Him, and then to love Him with such beautiful love.

Lord, teach me to love You with raham, with deep and compassionate love. Help me to search for You with all of my heart and find You. Help me to love You with all of my heart, soul, and strength. I desire that You turn my eyes away from anything that would weaken my love for You.

I love the hymn Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus, especially the verse that says that “the things of this earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.” Our eyes turn upon many things throughout the day, how many lead us away from knowing and loving the Lord more?

Pray today to learn to love Him deeply and compassionately, what greater joy could there be?

One thought on “Loving God

  1. Thank-you for sharing your insight from David’s Psalm. He did find his strength in God–and I find that the Psalms provide a refuge for me. Yes, that I could love God the way David did! (I love the hymn Turn Your Eyes on Jesus too.) Have a blessed weekend.


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