I love this doorway, first of all, it is green my favorite color and it just has so much character. It looks inviting to me. I look at it and wonder what might be behind those closed doors. If I knock will there be a greeting with a smile or will someone gruffly slam the door in my face?

Seeing others, greeting others, and drawing others in is an important part of the Christian life. I am realizing through my time in the Word that I often have my doors closed tightly. I get too busy, too focused, too deliberate about accomplishing my to-do list. I end up missing a lot. I miss opportunities to touch other’s lives with His grace. I overlook kindnesses done missing chances to express gratitude. I move swiftly through my day from one thing to another so much in my own little world. My own thoughts reverberate loudly off the walls of my skull, and I don’t listen for the prompts of the Lord.

Helping people to see the love of Christ as we yield to His Spirit’s work within us is our calling as Christians. The truth of this makes me want to grow in being slow and intentional. I need to walk slowly and really see those around me. I need to see the tears, the lost looks, the fearful eyes, the ragged clothes. I need to allow it all to touch my heart, to really sink in deeply. I need to be intentional about reaching out with comforting words and encouragement. I need to respond with a heart of compassion. I need to react by meeting the needs I see around me instead of moving onto accomplish my next task.

There are so many things that need to be done in our busy lives in the course of a day. The hours fly by and by late evening we are exhausted, sometimes it is by early afternoon that our energy lags. How can one possibly add one more thing to do?

Have your days gone by without noticing the needs of those around us? I have to admit that I have left too many days go by like this.

So, how do we change this? How can we make tomorrow different?

Prayer. I believe that is the answer. Praying for a heart of mercy. Praying for eyes that see this world as the Lord sees it. Praying for help to hear His prompts, those spiritual nudges so easily overlooked. Praying for the ability to choose the best over the better in all opportunities. Praying for help finding quiet in His presence in our days, so we aren’t running without His direction. All of that and probably so much more.

What will really matter in the end? It won’t be how many days I checked off all on my to-do list. But rather did I listen? Did I respond with love and soft words? Did I meet a need? Did I touch a heart in a special way? I want the door of my heart open, I want my eyes open to all around me, I want my arms reaching, and my hands giving. Lord, make it so.

Help each of us to look into the eyes of the widow. Help us to meet the needs of the hungry and needy children. Help us see and hear with a heart like Yours, Lord. Lead us, Lord, to live out Your love in ways for all to see the reality of You in this world. We can only do this Lord as You work through us.

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