Friendships…A Gift from God


Friendship is truly a gift from God. Time spent with friends who are in a deep relationship with the Lord leave me filling enriched and fulfilled. I feel like I come away knowing the Lord more because of time with a Christian friend. Christian friends talk about the things of life, yet each discussion comes back to the Lord and His work in our lives. We discuss what He is teaching us, how He is leading us, and how He is at work in answering our prayers. We focus on our hope in Him. It is beautiful and we each come away feeling a depth of His love through one another.

It is very important to have Christian friendships, so that we can encourage and build each other up. I know we have many different friends at different levels in life, and each of them are at a different place with the Lord, but as a believer, we need those friendships that are faith-building. We need people who encourage us in our walk with the Lord, to lead us to see Him more clearly.

As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.”  Proverbs 27:17

The Lord renews us and speaks to us through those He has put in our lives. He uses us, as well, to touch others with His love. Today, I thank Him for the gift of friendship. I thank Him for those friends that He put in my life for me to touch with His love. I thank Him for those Christian sisters He has put in my life to build me up and for the “sharpening” that is taking place through those relationships.

And, I thank Him too for the connection I have found with other bloggers. It is a beautiful thing to share with other believers the things that the Lord is teaching us, and to confess our neediness for Him in our lives through our blogs.

May your soul be refreshed today by the gift of a friend who shows you the Lord in a new way and encourages your heart in your Christian walk. Let the Lord work through you to be another’s soul refreshment today also. May the Lord bless you through the gift of friendships in your life.


One thought on “Friendships…A Gift from God

  1. Amen. This is so beautifully worded to encompass all that Christian friendships fold into one’s life and then refold back into others. Thank you so much for sharing the truth of God’s git to us.


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