Life’s Little Blessings

Last week while visiting my mom, I delivered a fresh hot cup of coffee to her as she sat in the family room. When I set the mug down on the coffee table next to her, she said that I should look out the window on the door. She told me that I wouldn’t believe what I would see. (Above you see a photo of one of mom’s window wells.) There in the window well was a happy, pink petunia growing.

I love surprises. I think we need special surprises in the window wells of our stressed filled lives to bring us joy in the mundane. But I know I don’t often see them or look for them.

Our days are packed with so much to do, not to mention the unexpected interruptions that come along. Life gets overwhelming and we get lost in it all.

Isn’t it just like our loving Father to grow a happy, little petunia in the window well to make us smile?

I am realizing more and more how the busyness of life squeezes out the time to recognize the Lord’s blessings. It is too easy to live void of the sweet expectation and hope of what He might do. He gives blessings freely and His love touches our lives in so many ways. Yet, too often, we miss these gifts because our minds are focused elsewhere, or because there are too many tasks on our to do lists.

It is time to try to be more aware, who knows what little joys are waiting for you?

I know I need to become more aware of the Lord’s sweet kisses each day. His kisses remind me of His love and the hope I have in Him. I need reminders to thank Him for His presence in my life each day.

Remember to look for and recognize His blessings, often they are right in front of us, so easily missed.

Thank you, Lord, for petunia’s in the window wells of life.

One thought on “Life’s Little Blessings

  1. I love petunias! Thank you for this sweet reminder to view the world through child-like eyes of wonder accepting all that the Father bestows upon us each and every day.

    I have really been trying to be very present in every moment of my days. I think of Paul’s admonition to think of things that are true and lovely. Not only can we think, but we can focus.

    Thanks so much for this great encouragement today. 🙂


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