Back From Preserving Garden Harvest

It has been a few weeks since I have found the time to write. Our vegetable gardens have kept my husband and I very busy with canning. We are finally coming to the end of the season and now I will be able to set aside time for writing.

Recently, as I have been looking forward to once again having time to blog, I have been contemplating what it is I want to share. The topic that has been on my mind a lot lately is surrender. It seems to be coming up often in my reading, praying, and studying.

Over the weekend, in an extended prayer time, I was writing in my prayer journal about the call to surrender to the Lord. During this time the Lord gave me a picture of His expectations that helped me to see many different areas in my life that I need to surrender to Him.

I understand He desires our whole hearts and lives to be surrendered. I know that is the place He is growing me to. Having read about that kind of full surrender, I had voiced some fears to Him as I didn’t know what that would mean for my life. My fear showed my lack of trust, He knew that was where I was at and He met me in that place.

I think that in His sweet compassion for a fearful, yet willing, and pliable, teachable heart, He opened my eyes to specific areas of surrender that I need to release to Him.

It is those areas that He convicted me of, those dark places where the bright light of His holiness shown, it is those things that I am going to spend the next few weeks sharing about.

Surrender to the Lord is an ongoing part of the sanctification process. He grows His Spirit’s fruit in our hearts, all the while leading us to yield to His ways. He keeps us, His believing children, eternally preserved in His love. He, too, is a Gardener, a Harvester, and a Preserver.

One thought on “Back From Preserving Garden Harvest

  1. Beautiful post, Cheryl. “He keeps us, His believing children, eternally preserved in His love. He, too, is a Gardener, a Harvester, and a Preserver.” Amen


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