The Season of Hope

Hope...isn't it exactly what we all need for this life here on earth? The typical idea of hope is "to wish for, to expect, but without certainty of the fulfillment, to desire very much, but with no real assurance of getting your desire"     (definition from During the next few weeks you may hear [...]

The Lord’s Extravagant Love

"I have done everything wrong!" I came to that realization recently as I listened to Ann Voskamp's book The Broken Way.  I have been the too busy, driven person, too often unavailable in various ways and not present to those around me. Distracted by and overwhelmed with my to do list, striving to check off one [...]

Give Thanks to the Lord – Psalm 107

Give thanks, the Lord is good. His faithful love endures forever! There is no other faithful love that endures forever like the Lord's. Redemption comes from the Lord. He is our deliverer. He is the one who saves. Psalm 107 recounts the many He saved. He gathered exiles, He rescued the desert wanderers, He delivered [...]

All Praise to God- Psalm 34

"I will praise the LORD at all times. I will constantly speak his praises. I will boast only in the LORD; let all who are discouraged take heart."  Psalm 34:1-2 NLT This psalm is written by David during one of the many difficult times in his life. Praising God is good for the discouraged heart. [...]

Thank the Lord for He is Good! – Psalm 118

Psalm 118 gives us three main subject areas that we can give thanks and praise to the Lord for. We can thank Him for His faithful love to us. We can thank Him for His help in our lives. We can thank Him for His Son, Jesus.                 [...]

A Heart of Praise and Thanksgiving: Psalm 103

David, the psalmist, demonstrates a heart filled with praise and thanksgiving in Psalm 103. He begins this song by reminding himself to praise the Lord. We need these kind of self-check reminders. David wants to remember the good things that the Lord has done for him, so he starts listing them in this psalm. We [...]

The Path to a Thankful Heart: Psalm 92

Psalm 92 begins by telling us that it is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to Him. Now that it is November and Thanksgiving is really only a few weeks away it seems appropriate to fill these hearts of ours with praise and thanksgiving. The psalmist says that giving thanks [...]