Give Thanks to the Lord – Psalm 107

Give thanks, the Lord is good. His faithful love endures forever!

There is no other faithful love that endures forever like the Lord’s.

Redemption comes from the Lord. He is our deliverer. He is the one who saves. Psalm 107 recounts the many He saved. He gathered exiles, He rescued the desert wanderers, He delivered some from prisons, and He rescued some from ships tossed about in the sea.

The LORD has done many marvelous works in order to help people to recognize His power, His mercy, and His faithfulness. People wander away from God on paths of sin, they get themselves into trouble, then they call on Him, and He responds to their cries with His unfailing love, and abundant grace.

He faithfully provides and meets the needs of people, blessing the harvest, giving them drink, providing them with protection. Oh, how great is the love of our Lord!

The more we come to recognize the provision of our Lord, the more we come to recognize His presence amongst us, the more we see His lovingkindness in our daily lives, and hear Him lead us in wisdom in all walks of life; the more we realize how very, very much we have to be thankful.

His abundant grace reaches into each of our lives giving us new reason for hope and joy every day.

This journey through the Psalms this far has made my heart to swell with thanksgiving as I read how the psalmists recount all the Lord has done. These psalms lead me to look into my own life and see God’s goodness.

He has been making His love for me more and more evident. He tells us He will be found when we search for Him with our whole hearts. His promise is true, the more I look, the more He shows me, and teaches me about Himself. The picture of Him I carry in my heart is becoming more and more clear.

Make this Thanksgiving season a time to come to know the Lord to a greater depth as you recognize all He has done, and realize more about who He is.

Take some time to read through Psalm 107 and see all the Psalmist shares about the goodness of the Lord to His people.

He is such a very personal God, He sees you, He hears you, and He knows all you are going through. He responds to our cries. His love is real. Thank and praise him for He is good.


One thought on “Give Thanks to the Lord – Psalm 107

  1. I’ve been reading through the Psalms as well, and loving them so much more then ever before. Your insights are very much what I’ve been thinking of too.

    God is so good and I’m getting to know Him better while reading the Psalms.

    Visiting from the ‘Word of God Speaks’ link-up. : )


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