The Importance of Pockets

Pockets are more necessary than I realized. Pockets are for soul refreshing.  I just got home from doing a little shopping and banking. It felt good to get in the warm house. Here in Wisconsin it is in the 20's heading for the single digit temps later this week. I stuffed my hands into the [...]

Five Simple Lessons from the Christmas Tree

What can you learn from a Christmas tree? I find that the Christmas tree has much to teach us, simple reminders that truly keep Christ in Christmas.  First of all, the Christmas tree is shaped like an arrow pointing to heaven. This is a good reminder for us to keep an eternal perspective. Stress can takeover when [...]

The Lord Gives Us Victory!

Are you prepared for enemy attack? Here in the middle of all the preparations and even in the quiet of our hearts, our enemy, the devil, can attack with weapons that bring us down by way of feelings of insecurity, overwhelming stress, worry, or fear. We lose our hope and joy so quickly,  we are [...]

How Will You Wait?

Advent is a time of preparation. We prepare for Christmas in our homes. We prepare for Christ in our hearts as we remember His birth. There is waiting in the midst of the preparation. We wait for gifts we ordered online to come in the mail. We wait for the day to put up the [...]