2017 Scripture Verse

I decided to choose a Scripture verse for 2017. I have not done this in past year. I am looking at it as something to hold tight to when life seems uncertain, for our world is surely filled with much unpredictability.

I realized as I reviewed 2016 that I lacked contentment during the course of the year. My heart was lacking peace and joy necessary to worship as I desired. I seemed to often be searching for hope in my heart amidst disappointment. The verse I chose speaks specifically to that.

I chose Romans 15:13 “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

This verse speaks of all I feel needy for in my life; joy, peace, and hope. I will use the words of this verse as a personal prayer throughout the year and watch with expectation to see what the Lord will do. It is so exciting and so faith-building to watch the Lord at work. 

The verse seems to say to me that as I believe my God, who is my Hope, He will fill me with joy and peace. My hope needs to rest in the power of the Holy Spirit. It doesn’t mean that I just have hope as the world knows it, but to really abound in hope, fully confident in the Holy Spirit’s perfect power, It isn’t just the verbal acknowledgement of faith. It isn’t merely head-knowledge. But it means to truly live a life that demonstrates that trust and belief, moment by moment, through the good and bad times.

God’s Word is filled with promises. He desires to touch us with His love and compassion. He wants us to be secure in knowing we can trust Him “even though” the earth shakes and the mountains fall into the sea, even though there is no crop in the field, even though there are no grapes on the vine, even though… (you fill in the blank). Habakkuk and the Psalmist had many even though’s to speak of, many worries and fears. But they knew that our circumstances do not change God. He is always faithful. He is always present. Our contentment lies fully in knowing the assurance of His perfect one and the satisfaction we can find in Him alone.

His Word is here for us. He knows the neediness of our hearts and lives. I believe that He loves nothing more than to hear His children pray His Word to Him, voicing their neediness. Acknowledging their dependence on Him. He knows exactly what we need each and every hour. He wants to meet us in life with His loving presence and be our help.

He gave us His Word as a love letter to us, to enrich our lives and encourage our hearts. Take time today to find all that you need in Him. Is there a verse that speaks to your heart’s core need? Write it down, and pray it each day. Together let’s look expectantly at what God is going to do in our lives in 2017.

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