Sharing God Realities

Are you sharing about the Lord with others? I hear so many Christians say that they are not good at it or that fear gets in the way when an opportunity presents itself.

I probably am one of those who would answer with one of those two excuses. But I just realized something that may seem very obvious, yet it really resonates with me.

I want to share a little story before I explain my realization. I am involved in a prison ministry via the mail. Bible studies are sent from a church in Texas to prisoners and then when the studies are completed they are forwarded to me. I read through them, write notes, encouraging words, and prayers on them before returning them to the prisoner.

One of the prisoners that I have been doing this with was recently released to a less restrictive environment outside of prison. She wrote me a letter telling me of how the Lord has been working in her life in many amazing ways. Before leaving prison she wrote it all into a song and sang it for the other prisoners. She explained that the name of Jesus or God was not to be spoken in that prison, yet she was allowed to sing her song of testimony. She said that she was not afraid to share about what her Lord is doing in her life.

This got me to thinking, what is the difference here? She is a new, baby Christian. Then it hit me, she is looking, expecting, noticing the Lord’s work in her life. She is focused on Him and what He is doing is all important to her.

I, on the other hand, am often very scattered , pulled between many things, and often not focused as I should be. It became obvious to me that in order for anyone to be filled with excitement about what the Lord is doing in our lives and to have a desire to really share their God-realities:

  • We need to recognize His presence.
  • We need to look for Him at work on our behalf.
  • We need to be aware of His work and acknowledge it with a thankful heart.
  • We need to be expecting Him to be at work.
  • We need to be looking for where He is at work around us.

It is so encouraging to hear others share of what the Lord is doing in their lives. It is faith-building for us as believers. And I believe as we share our God-realities with the unbelieving world they too may get a glimpse of Him, His presence, and especially, His love.

Are you looking for the reality of God in your life today?

  • What do you see Him doing?
  • What is He teaching you?
  • What is He asking clear to you?
  • What door is He opening?

Think about it and then make a point of sharing that God-reality. Feel the joy of knowing that He works on your behalf and encourage another heart with it.

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