Yielding in Prayer

Hebrews 4:16 “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”

Do you have an attitude of entitlement when it comes to what God does for you, gives to you, and how He works in your life?

Do you think the Lord should do things in a particular way for you?

Do you tell God how to answer your prayers?

I find myself answering varying degrees of yes to each of these questions. How about you?

It makes me cringe to think that I come before God, the Creator of the universe, the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, and act as if I deserve anything or as if He owes me answers to my prayers.

Prayer, communication with the Lord, and fellowship come to us at great cost. We wouldn’t have these privileges apart from the work Jesus did for us on the cross. His death and resurrection gives us access to our Heavenly Father as we accept Jesus as our Savior, the One who took away our sins so that He might present us before the Father in His righteousness.

So Hebrews 4:16 isn’t saying we can come to God demanding our desires and wants. Rather it is saying, come boldly, robed in Christ’s righteousness, knowing that you have access to God, your Heavenly Father. Come boldly knowing that He will have mercy on you and out of the graciousness of His heart He will meet you in your neediness.

The Lord desires us to come as a child comes to his father. He wants us to come:

  • to tell Him what we need
  • to ask for help
  • to seek Him for wisdom
  • to find rest in Him
  • to be rooted in His love
  • to know contentment in His presence and in knowing His presence. He never leaves us.
  • totally dependent on Him, knowing His sufficiency is available

The Lord is omniscient (all-knowing) and omnipotent (all-powerful). He is love. How can we think that He, in His perfect love, would not do what is best for us? How can we think we need to advise Him or manipulate HIm?

But how do we yield in prayer? The transformation occurs in and through our time in His Word, in His presence, and through knowing His magnificent love for us.

Gradually our hearts transform, through the sanctification process, growing from:

  • impatient to more patient
  • mean-spirited to kind
  • boastful to humble
  • self-serving to honoring others
  • easily provoke to calm spirited
  • delighting in evil to rejoicing in Truth

Gradually throughout life, as we grow in relationship with the Lord, we grow in Christ-likeness.

Like a daisy that changes from white to pink as it drinks in the rose-colored water, we too are transformed as we are infused with Christ and His truths.

We grow in Christ-likeness and are transformed. It is through this transformation our hearts are changed by Him. It is then we learn to submit, we learn to yield to Him in our prayers. We begin praying for what is important to Him.

What are you praying for?

Have you asked the Lord what He desires regarding that prayer?

Is your heart growing in yielding to Him in prayer?

Think about these questions. Talk with the Lord about where you are in the process of yielding to the Lord in prayer.

Lord, help each one of us to open our hearts up to You as we pray. Lead us in yielding to You. Lead us Lord, in each cry of our heart, as we pray to You. Hold us in Your love as we patiently wait for Your perfect answer. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Yielding in Prayer

  1. Yes and amen to your words and challenge to us, Cheryl! This is so true and something I want to always remember each day–even as it often eludes me. Thanks so much for your words of encouragement here and for visiting me at my place. Nice to be your neighbor at Coffee for Your Heart.


    1. Thank you for stopping by. “Just be with me” is such a beautiful way to think about prayer. Oh, that our hearts would learn contentment in abiding in His presence. May your soul be refreshed in abiding with Him.


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