Finding Refreshment in Being Present

My purpose in writing the SoulRefreshed blog posts is to help my readers see that the Lord’s love is the soil for us to grow in. All too often we lose sight of His amazing love, we can so easily get lost in all the weeds of life; weeds of busyness, heaviness, work, and performance.

I recently both listened to and read Shauna Niequist’s book Present over Perfect. It is another book that I found myself greatly impacted by. This month I am going to share some of the concepts that have helped me make some important changes in my life, mind, and heart.

This month I will be sharing about:

1. The Weight of Life

Some questions I will be considering are: Do you feel like your life is a cart filled with bricks that you must drag through life. Is that cart overloaded and too heavy? Are you too busy? What are you willing to change?

2. The Importance of Connection

Who are you connecting with?  Who are you available to? Are they the people that really matter? Is the real you so hidden in the charades of performance that you have lost yourself as well as the deep connection you long for?

3. Sharing Your Fragile

What do you share? Not just with those people in your life whom you feel safe with but specifically with the Lord? Can you be real with Him? Does He know your heart because you have given Him your fragility? Or are you faking perfection, trying to hold it all together?

4. What’s in Your Treasure Chest?

Do you know God’s love in your heart? Is it a treasure you store deep in your soul? Or what are you hanging onto for assurance and hope?

5.  Finding Quiet and Learning to Play

Where in your day can you find quiet? Is there any time for solitude? Do you find time to play? Do you even know how? Is there time in your life for enjoyment and fun? What needs to change to make this happen?

6. Choosing Simplicity

All that we will talk about comes down to choosing simplicity. Choosing to say no to some things, choosing to let the go of some and knowing what the important things are. Inside and outside.

This is a quick peek at some of what we will be looking at in April. Soul searching is good especially when we can learn soul refreshment in what the Lord has for us. I hope you’ll join me in finding refreshment in being present rather than lost in the charades of performance and doing. It is in the performance and doing that we often end up feeling lost, alone, and on overload.

5 thoughts on “Finding Refreshment in Being Present

  1. I can remember those times of feeling lost and lonely in the charades of performing mostly in my younger years. Your topics are refreshing just to read the snippet you provide! Thx for visiting me today.


    1. Thank you for stopping by with encouraging words. The Lord leads us in learning to be satisfied only in Him as we walk with Him. What a loving and gracious God we have. May your soul be refreshed as you abide in His love.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. It is a good book. There are a lot of lessons we can learn from others who are walking in faith. Yes, sitting at Jesus’ feet is the most important thing we can do, but we get so easily distracted. May your soul be refreshed as you sit at Jesus’ feet.

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