Lord, I Need You, Always!

There is no truer statement. We are a needy people. My recent blogposts have narrowed in on our crumbling states of emotions that magnify our neediness before the Lord. I want to take one more look at these. Difficult times come up frequently in life and God's Word gives us so many tools to help [...]

Lord, I Need You, I am Lonely

Do you feel lonely? We all go through seasons of loneliness. Times when we feel no one is really listening. Times when no one sees who we are. Times when it seems that no one even cares what we do. We want to be known. Loneliness makes my heart hurt. It is sad. It is [...]

Lord, I Need You, I’m Empty

When we are feeling empty, it seems that we cannot find satisfaction in anything. We feel discontent and are left wanting. Sometimes we feel as if we don't know which way to turn. We often wonder why we are feeling this way. Psalm 81 gives us a hint to a possible reason. Psalm 81 is [...]