What Keeps You from Prayer?

Prayer is a very important part of a Christian’s life. We need to pray in order to know the Lord more and more intimately. We pray to share our hearts, our desperate neediness, as well as to share our worries and concerns with our Heavenly Father. He is ultimately in control of all things. We go to Him with quick shouts of prayers in emergency situations, or with lists of needs at certain times. We go to Him when our hearts are full, because we know He is always waiting, always ready to listen.

But, I can say from personal experience, much can get in the way of praying. I have heard others share their frustrations as well.

There are times when we don’t feel like praying and other times we may find ourselves feeling as if we are just too busy. 

Some days we may get frustrated with the lack of ability to concentrate. It seems that somehow one thing after another can come up when we are trying to spend time with the Lord. Busyness and distraction can easily pull us away. 

Then, sometimes it feel like we pray the same things over and over. We may even come to wonder “why bother?” And if it is none these things that keep us from prayer it may be that it is just plain hard to even know what to pray.

Our feelings can interfere with prayer too. We may feel anger or disappointment with the Lord about a situation in our lives that causes us to feel distant from Him. It could be unanswered prayer, or a prayer not answered according to our desires. We may feel as though our prayers are not ever heard. 

Sometimes when trials are ongoing we pray, and pray, and pray, with seemingly no changes in the circumstances. We feel as if the Lord doesn’t even hear us. 

Or at other times our prayers are answered or we feel led by the Lord, but the situation doesn’t turn out as we hoped. The outcome we expect turns sour and we wonder why we heard wrong or why we were led this way. This can cause fear within, fear of doing it wrong again.

I know years ago I felt clearly led to believe that someone I loved was going to be healed but instead she died. I was devastated. I felt like a rug was pulled out from under me and I was left flat on the floor with the wind knocked out of me. I questioned everything and sought the help of a Christian counselor for help. Prayer became very difficult for quite a while following that period of time.

At other times there may be sin in our lives that even though we have repented we feel as though we are not worthy to come with our requests to the Lord. We forget we are all equal before the cross because Jesus alone is our righteousness. 

We also can grow weary in prayer when we feel as though our prayers are repeated day after day. We go through the motions but our heart isn’t in it. At other times in life, we are faced with such challenging circumstances that we don’t even know how to pray. What do we even ask for? What really is the Lord’s will? So because of the turmoil within we may procrastinate.

There are so many things that can keep us from prayer. Many things can disrupt our relationship with the Lord.

This month I will be sharing some things I am learning about prayer. My next post will be about what the Lord and the Bible say about prayer. Later in the month I will share different methods of prayer people choose. And finally in this series, I want to share about some benefits I have found in praying Scripture.

So, if you have found yourself discouraged with your prayer life, you may find some encouragement as you read the upcoming posts.

What keeps you from praying? 

We need to talk about our frustrations and encourage each other in our prayer walks. We need to be real about where we are at, and offer insight so we each can grow. Prayer is that important.

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