Various Methods Used in Praying

Have you found a method of prayer that you find useful? People have come up with many methods to help them in their prayer lives.  I am currently praying Scripture, using the Psalms.  I am especially enjoying this method because of the benefits I mentioned in my previous post, What Benefits Scripture Praying Brings. 

A prayer list is probably among the most common. Sometimes because of the number of prayers we want to bring before the Lord we divide our prayers into themes such as family, friends, those in government, missionaries and so on. Then the themes are assigned to specific days to keep the prayer list from becoming overwhelming. Our prayer lists may also include personal requests, those of our church family, the persecuted, issues in the news, and so much more.

There are also many acronyms to help us focus in prayer. Some of the common ones are:

ACTS:   A-Adoration, C-Confession, T-Thanksgiving, S-Supplication

CHAT: C-Confess, H-Honor, A-Ask, T-Thank   -or-

C- Cheer God on for who He is, H-Humble yourself, A-Appreciate what He has done, T- Tell God your needs

PRAY- P-Praise, R-Repent, A-Ask for others, Y-Your own needs

These acronyms incorporate many of the types of prayer we see demonstrated in the Bible. If you would like to read more about prayers of the Bible please see one of my recent posts entitled, Prayer as Demonstrated in the Bible.

One of my favorite methods of prayer is to write my prayers. I have a journal that I use specifically for this purpose. There is as much freedom in writing payers as in speaking them. I often just write what is on my heart almost like a letter to the Lord as I read through a Psalm. Reading the Scriptures may prompt confession as it convicts my heart, or bring new recognition of a personal heart need, or at other times the neediness of another may be brought to mind. It is beautiful and amazing the way the Lord uses His Word to prompt our hearts in prayer.

One other method of prayer that some people use is a prayer board. this is simply some kind of bulletin board with a combination of pictures of loved ones, Bible verses, and notes of prayer needs pinned or taped on it. Some people even use a world map to remind them to pray for certain areas of persecution or for missionaries and their work and needs.

These are a few methods I am familiar with there are probably many others available. The method which you choose is only a tool, it is most important for prayer to be that heart-to-heart time with the Lord.

I have found that I come to know myself better and to know the Lord in deeper ways during my prayer times. He shows me the depths of my heart often things I am unaware of. He knows me better than I know myself.

How about you? Do you use one of these methods, or is there a different method not mentioned here that is helpful for you? All that matters is that it draws you into intimacy with the Lover of our soul.

Open your heart, allow the Holy Spirit to have His way as you bring your requests before you loving Heavenly Father. He desires to commune with you.

I hope that this series of posts on prayer have been helpful to you and your relationship with the Lord. Seek Him with your whole heart, He will meet you wherever you are.

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