What is at the Heart of Simplicity?

Only as we allow the love of Christ to penetrate our wounds will we be able to love again as children love. Only as we open ourselves to the love of Christ and His people can we begin our journey toward being real.” Claire Cloninger

My Recalibrate Life Read this month is A Place Called Simplicity: The Quiet Beauty of Simple Living by Claire Cloninger.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord brings it all together. Somehow He shows us exactly what our hearts need in order to heal. And He teaches us what is necessary for our souls to be cultivated and grow in Christlikeness.

The words of the quote at the beginning of this post touch my heart deeply. The words really resonate with me because the Lord is making their truth real in my life. He has been leading me in learning about His love. My learning is taking place mostly through my practice of lingering and listening.

I am learning that His love truly satisfies every one of my needs. As I grow in willingness in being vulnerable, places deep within are opening. These are places that have been locked closed in self-protection and fear for years. I am finding the healing balm of His love is touching every wound within me. The broken pieces of my heart are being bound together, and I am feeling a new wholeness within.

There have been some very important verses that He has been using in this process. I will be sharing more about these verses in future posts.

Today I want to share generally about what is changing within me in that process. The healing that is taking place is changing my life.

First of all, the way I love others is not as often about striving and people-pleasing. But instead my love for others is coming out of the fullness of the love the Lord is filling me with. This is a big step of simplicity in my life, because I am realizing when I depend on Him and grow in His love I can rest.

Secondly, the way I look at life and plan my days is less about my unending to-do list and getting recognition or people-pleasimg. My new outlook leaves room for a slower pace. I don’t need to earn love. We don’t have to do anything to receive His love, in fact, nothing can make Him love us more.

Finally, I am learning strategies to bring myself back when I fall into the old patterns. I am learning of His love as a respite. Oh, I have known of His love for a long time. The problem is it hadn’t touched my heart fully because my heart was so calloused and walled off in fear and self-protection. But as the Lord’s love seeps into the crevices opened by growing trust.

I see how I can run to Him like a toddler looking for mommy during play. The way they look to see if she is still there, making sure nothing has changed, to know that they are still safe. So, in my moments of doubt and fear, I look to see if God is real, and if He is Who He says and I am finding that He is. I am finding also that He is always there, ready to meet me wherever I am.

Praying His Word has led me in knowing these truths in my life and in my heart. And as they become a part of me I am choosing differently. I am learning to live out of a heart that has found the secret to simplicity in living focused on and rooted in His love. I still stumble and people-please and strive at times, but the Lord is at work within my heart changing all of that.

I am learning that it is focusing on the Lord, learning of His love, and reaching for Him moment-by-moment in the midst of neediness or fear. It changes everything, because when we are not focused fully on Him, we are striving to fill the emptiness inside with things and with what we think people should give us, like love and acknowledgement. We reach for these things out of our fear, emptiness, and neediness in order to fill the God-sized hole in our hearts. And, you know what, no matter how hard we work to fill it or keep it full, it will never happen, Only God and His love are meant to fill it.

I know, I am probably not telling you anything that you didn’t aready know. But I have to admit I always thought I knew God’s love, and I did know about it. I just didn’t allow it in fully, I guarded my heart out of fear. Now, after all these years, the reality of the healing effects of His love is pouring into my heart. His love is finally becoming more real to me. In a way that seems too hard to explain, I just know I feel the difference inside and I see a difference in my response to life.

I will be sharing more about my times of listening, lingering, and learning of His love as I spend time in His Word and in prayer in some of my future posts. I hope you will join me. I hope too, that you will find hope in His love in the midst of whatever life is bringing you.

12 thoughts on “What is at the Heart of Simplicity?

  1. So wise to take grace when we “fall into old patterns.” Our following life is full of ups and downs, and we are prone to wander, but God is faithful and He does not move or fail.


  2. “The healing that is taking place is changing my life.” Oh yes! Yes and Amen! I loved this post and the practice of slowing and savoring Him… of allowing Him to plan and guide your days! Leaning in and Listening are two of the greatest gifts He has given me… –us!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. Slowing and savoring, leaning and listening, I want to continue to do much more of those. The Lord is always faithful to meet us when we seek Him. His love is a healing balm. Sweet blessings to you!


  3. I love those times when walking simply calms me physically and sooths my soul. I need to remember the love of God in all things. I am reading Hosea right now and the love of God just pours off the pages no matter what the Israelites do. He never stops loving them. I am the same way. God has never stopped loving me no matter how far I wander. In that precious love, we find the peace, the joy, the calm. He is all we need. Caring through Christ, ~ linda


    1. Walking has the same effect for me. I love the book of Hosea. God’s love is so amazing! Peace, joy, and calm are so often just what I need! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!


  4. You are right, rest is important. I think we miss it when we lose our focus. We focus on the things of this world, rather than on the Lord and all that He has promised us. In doing so we miss the gift of rest He has for us. We need to encourage each other to keep our eyes on the Lord! Blessings to you!


    1. It is an older book that I read years ago, but I have kept it all this time. I gained a lot more from reading it this time. I am so glad I reread it, it seems like the Lord really used it to show me the importance of resting in His love. I am not sure anyone else would get that out of it, but that is my take away. His love is amazing! Thanks so much for stopping by!


      1. I go back and reread too, even my blog, sometimes. That rest is important. We who believed, have already entered. Hebrews 4:3, I hope that’s right. How did we miss that?Thanks, Cheryl


  5. God does reveal to us exactly what He wants us to see. We sometimes guide our hearts out of fear, but God guides us out of love. He is a good Father.


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