Finding the Way

Our new home will be out in the country. Driving there means driving on unfamiliar roads, seeing lots of trees and farm fields, and not much else. So in order to see our road, before it comes up so fast that I drive past it, I had to find a landmark.

My landmark is in the photo for this post. It is “the kissing trees,” the two trees just left of the pole. I started to call them “the kissing trees” as soon as I noticed them. It looks like they are holding hands and drawing close for a kiss. Seeing those trees makes me smile every time. First of all, because they are unique, and secondly, because they help me in finding the way home.

A landmark is something that jogs our memory when we see it. Landmarks along the way help us on our journeys. I need help finding the way as I continue my journey of recalibrating life also. Just as I can get lost on the roads to our new home, I also get distracted in life. I am still on the journey of learning to make important changes consistent in my day-to-day living.

Setting goals in life are like landmarks along the road. They help you see how far you have come or how far you have yet to go. The “kissing trees” show me I have come to the road our home is on. The “landmarks” or milestones of goals and objectives become points in life along the way that show me that I am on the right path towards doing the things I want to do, learning what I want to learn, and becoming who I want to become. Goals help me in finding the way on my journey of life.

What about you? With the end of 2019 quickly approaching are you thinking about goals or areas you want to focus on in 2020?

I am starting my final book of my Recalibrate Life Reads for the year. And it continues to lead me in the way of slowing down. The book is The Unhurried Life by Alan Fadling. It was not originally on my list, but I found it’s title to draw me in. I only have read the first couple chapters and am finding it is leading me on in the way I want to live. With our move, it will be my last Recalibrate Life Read for the year.

My goals for 2020 center around living an unhurried life. Jesus lived an unhurried life. Fadling begins his book by leading his readers to see that and goes on to show how important it is. And I am seeing how refreshing it is to my soul to live life slower and more simply. My overall focus for finding my way in 2020 will be “To live in slowness and simplicity, cultivating connection and creativity, as I live rooted and grounded in God’s love for me.”

I will be sharing more about Fadling’s excellent book, as well as, more about my goals for 2020 in my upcoming posts. I hope you will join me. I would love for you to share about your focus and goals for 2020 as you come to know more about the direction you want to take in your journey of life. What will help you in finding the way in life?

12 thoughts on “Finding the Way

  1. My family comes from a small town in Maine originally. I was young when we left so going back to visit was sometimes an adventure since I’m directionally challenged to begin with. I always need landmarks!
    One of my main goals for many years is to begin reading through the Bible again. This last year I focused on doing it much more slowly and devotionally and it has been such a blessing. This year I want to pick a couple of books and really go deeper, as well as reading through it.


    1. I am not good with directions either.😊 Reading the Bible through slowly and devtionally sounds like a beautiful goal. Sweet and rich! I know you will be blessed. May the Lord speak to your heart as you seek to know Him more!


  2. You picked a good landmark to find your way home. I would love to have “kissing trees” to show me where to turn. I have not started thinking about my life goals for 2020 yet (running goals are a different story), but thanks for the good reminder. I love your goal of living an unhurried life. I will have to think about mine.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I love the “kissing trees.” I am a little early with choosing goals, but a few things I have read recently spurred me on to think about them and not them down. May the Lord lead you in wisdom as you choose your new goals.

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  3. I love this concept of landmarks in our lives. Not only because I need them when I drive 😉

    The book I’m reading talks about Altar Stones. Things that we can use to remember the good things God does for us. This way, when we need a landmark because we’re driving in a dark place, we can find Him. It’s so good!


  4. I’ve used Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner this year and have discovered a lot about myself, my blind spots, and goal-setting. I plan on using it again next year, but making better use of its features so that I can accomplish even more


  5. Smiling because out in the country, we have to come up with our own landmarks! There’s no, “Turn left at the corner of First and Main!” Your trees are lovely.
    Here we say, “Go all the way to the top of the hill, and don’t pay attention to the GPS telling you to turn into our neighbor’s driveway!”


  6. I love your “kissing trees”! We live out in the sticks as well and it was hard for me to adjust to finding my road as well. I love the analogy of finding our landmarks, great post. And the books sounds like it is going to be a good one. I cannot wait to hear more about it!

    Thanks for linking up @LiveLifeWell!



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    1. Thank you! I really am enjoying reading about living an unhurried life and attempting to put it into practice. Life is a journey of learning the lessons the Lord has for us!
      Sweet blessings to you!


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