Making Time for Creativity and Play

The theme of my recent posts has been my goals for 2020 and I continue with that today. I have covered my spiritual goals and relationship goals so far. Today I want to share about my desire for creativity and play in my life as I choose a life of slowness and simplicity. Creativity and play are another way our souls can be refreshed from the doldrums or from the overwhelm of day-to-day life.

You may think, “who has time for that? I have too much to do to even consider that.” I know, really I do. I have lived the majority of my life with that mindset. But, in doing so, I feel I have missed so much. When we are constantly running from one thing to the next on our to-do lists, we let so much of life pass us by.

Do you ever think back to being a child and pause to remember the things that made you so happy. What were those things?

As I think back, I realize how the truly simple things so delighted me. I remember many bike rides up and down the bumpy, cracked sidewalks, singing as I rode. I loved walking through the leaves on the sidewalk or in the grass, hearing them crunch under my feet, and giggling as I kicked them high in the air and watched them fall. Having a “fort” in the field behind our house, where my brother and I played with the neighbor kids gave us opportunities to catch bugs and butterflies and play in the fresh air. I have so many memories of fun, all sweet and slow and filled with wonder.

I miss those times that brought me so much joy. I want to incorporate some of that playfulness and creativity in my life once again.

Prior to working to Recalibrate my Life this year, it would not even have been an option to consider doing this. There just wouldn’t have been time in my crammed schedule. But I have learned a lot about slowness and simplicity. And moving forward I am choosing to create space in my life for things other than the busyness of a to-do list and the craziness an overscheduled calendar can cause. I no longer want to live with those. I want to be intentional about making time for creativity and play.

The slowness and simplicity of Jesus’ life allowed for Him to enjoy cooking fish and eating it with His disciples on the beach. He took time to visit those He loved, like His dear friend’s Lazarus, Mary, and Martha. He enjoyed the little children that ran to Him to sit on His lap, maybe to listen to stories or ask questions. He demonstrated His creativity in the parables He told, and in the many ways He blessed people through His varous miracles. Not to mention the amazing creativity of all He created in this world, the animals, the flower, and the trees. I can easily see Him, if He were walking this earth today, at a coffee shop playing games as He chatted with the people around Him. Or sitting with children on the beach playing in the sand, or walking with them at the zoo enjoying the animals. He would take the time to enjoy life, people, and His creation.

Slowness and simplicity give way to opportunities of creativity and play, and that is what I yearn for more of in my life. I want to take more walks; walks in the leaves or in the snow, or in the woods, or on the beach. I want to take time to build sand castles, or to stop to lay in the grass looking up to the sky to find silly animals in the clouds, or maybe to make snow-angels in the snow. I want to play cribbage, card games, or board games with friends or family as we drink pots of steamy, creamy coffee and nibble on sweet treats. I want to enjoy more plays and concerts. I want to write long letters to those I love, and do creative journaling. I just want to spend time writing and journaling every day. So much to delight in, so much to enjoy!

Just reading through this list makes me smile and breathe deeply. And what‘s even better is that they are all completely doable. I just need to be intentional about planning them into my days, or choosing one or two spontaneously as free time comes available. Free time made available because of the slowness and simplicity I am choosing to living in.

How about you? Will you be making time for creativity and play in the new year? What will be on your list of what you want to do? Are any of your ideas prompted by childhood memories? I look forward to reading your responses and connecting in the comments.

23 thoughts on “Making Time for Creativity and Play

    1. Yes, it is very important but often gets squeezed out by life. It is something to practice intentionality with! It makes such a difference when we take time for it! Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  1. I spend at least two hours every week birdwatching and photographing birds and other wildlife. I also catch snippets of beauty on my phone as I walk around throughout the day. Those creativity breaks keep me sane!


  2. We need to be intentional about making time for rest, and refreshing. They say it’s not a luxury. It must be true, considering how out of touch with the truth society seems today. Thanks for this reminder, Cheryl. Many blessings to you!


  3. Yes, play is so important. I’m trying to make more time for it. And the thing is that play will look different for different people. Playing board games is relaxing and fun for one person, and stressful for another. A great book on play is Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart Brown. He talks about many adults being in a play defecit. And yes, it is fun to think about Jesus playing with the disciples.


    1. You’re right, play does look different for each of us! Thanks so much for sharing this book title, I look forward to reading it! It sounds very good! Play does “invigorate the soul”, what great title! Sweet blessings to you!


  4. Love this! What a great goal. I recently rediscovered my love of reading fiction! Such a simple joy! Hope you find creativity and play just as incredible as when you were a kid, and of course as Jesus did!


  5. Cheryl, I also hold fond memories from my childhood of playing outside. Summer meant bike-riding, catching lighning bugs, and playing in the creek. Autumn looked like jumping in leaves and drinking hot cocoa with our friends and family. Winter conjures up images of snowball fights, building snowmen, and riding our sleds down the best hill. I love how you pointed out the simplicity of Jesus’ life. He most certainly took pleasure in the simple day-to-day lives of those around him. I want that for me and my family, too.


    1. Such beautiful memories! Thanks so much for sharing. Yes, Jesus took time to love people where they were and really enjoyed being with them. It is something I am slowly learning. I think it is the only way of life where we truly appreciate what He has given us. Otherwise we rush by and miss so much in our relationships and in the way of opportunities for enjoying creativity and play.


  6. Another wonderful example of Jesus teaching us how to live. Making time for creativity and play, slowing my life down and noticing the good in life are my goals for this year and always.


    1. Jesus is a great example, although I think I really missed the truth of His slow, relaxed way until recently. It seems that it isn’t until you want the joy’s of creativity and play in life , that you really look at how others live them out. When rushing is your pace, the slow, relaxed pace of others can be irritating. I am just beginning to appreciate the gifts that slowness brings. Thank so much for sharing here!

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  7. OH how we need to stop and take time for enjoyment and creativity. Some of the most wonderful times with our family have been during storms when the electricity has gone out because we are forced to get back to basics.

    I’m your neighbor at Inspire me Mondays.


  8. Oh, how quickly creativity and play get pushed aside. I’m so grateful for your encouragement to make space for them today!


  9. Cheryl, you have given a beautiful image of the intentional life Jesus lived while here on earth. I want to slow down like He did and have some simpler days to just be and enjoy. I so appreciated your thoughts this morning!


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