Touching Hearts with Words of Reflection

My final goal for 2020 is about what I want my writing to be. I know oftentimes people’s goals in writing are about numbers of readers or followers, or pages and books written. And while those things do matter to me, what really matters is that I share the truths I am learning in my walk with the Lord. And especially to share the reality of God’s love for us, especially in how He is with us through every part of life.

I want to share how He meets me in my neediness each and every time. And I want the realness of that to make a difference. I desire for others hearts to be touched, faith to be encouraged, and souls to be refreshed.

I have been writing since I was a little girl. I kept pink diaries with locks and tiny keys. I wrote about what happened in my days then and scribbled down my feelings in response. I continue to fill journals now.

As I grew up I wrote poems for friends and poems about my walk with the Lord. I wrote poems to my husband before we married and write some now after many years of marriage. I wrote poems as I went through my depression sharing the pain within, poems for those who took care of my dad as he suffered with Alzheimer’s and had to be in a nursing home, and even poems in cards or letters just because.

I have also enjoyed writing some fictional stories through the years and am currently working on a novel. A novel that demonstrates God’s faithfulness.

All this to say writing brings me joy, it is a passion of mine. Do you enjoy writing? If not what are you passionate about? What excites you the minute you wake up? Will you be working toward a goal in that area?

I have found that writing about the Lord, His presence and His work in my life, really refreshes my soul the most. I learned this through writing my reflections from studying God’s word in the Bible as I put down my thoughts, responses, and prayers in my prayer journal. And more recently, I recognized this desire as I prepared for sharing at women’s ministry events and prayer retreats at my church.

My goal for writing in 2020 will be supported through two of my other goals, those being my spiritual goal, which you can read about here, Seeking to Abide and my goal about walking with slow feet and living in simplicity, which you can read about here, Making Time for Creativity and Play . As I seek to know the Lord more, and choose to walk with slow feet and live in simplicity, I will be growing in my own faith to help me better be able to share His Truths and I will be living in a way that helps me to be available to Him. Available to hear from Him, be led by Him, and to learn of His unforced rhythms of grace. Slowness and simplicity will gift me with extra time for creativity.

I hope these past few posts about my six goals for 2020 have encouraged you in deciding what you want to work toward as we soon move into a new year and a new decade.

I think goals are so important for life. They give meaning and purpose to each moment and hour. It is too easy to waste time or procrastinate and remain stuck. I am excited about my goals and what they mean for who I am becoming in Christ. I am looking forward to the changes they will bring as I grow in learning to live grace-paced. Grace-paced is my word for 2020. I will be sharing more about that in a future post.

We should have most of our things moved up to our new house within a few days. It has been a very busy time, exhausting to be exact, but exciting too. Life in a new place, with new adventures and new lessons to share in my writing. No matter where I am, I know the Lord will be at work in my heart and my life giving me truths to share and words to write.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts in the comments

*Photo from Unsplash by Green Chameleon

4 thoughts on “Touching Hearts with Words of Reflection

    1. Thank you. The Lord is continually showing me how my rushing is not what He wants for me and my life. So I will be learning to live grace-paced so I can better walk with Him and act on His Spirit nudges. Thank you so much for your kind words.


  1. I love your goals of playing more, living in simplicity of the moment, and sharing God’s love in your writing. And good for you for getting your goals defined and in place before the new year. I like to plan ahead, but you are now inspiring me to get a head start on my goals. One of passionate joys is writing, telling stories, and encouraging others. Well, maybe that is three. LOL


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