Looking Back at My Recalibrate Life Year

My word/phrase for 2019 was “recalibrate life.” And now that the year is nearing its end it seems appropriate to look back and re-evaluate. I feel very positive about the inner growth that took place this year. My “inner growth” has translated into life changes, true recalibration. Both heart transformation and mind reset. As I consider the past 12 months, I feel a contentment within, I feel as if I accomplished what I set out to do in many ways.

My areas of focus were to:

☆ slow down

☆ choose rest

☆ learn Sabbath rest

☆ live in simplicity

I see varying amounts of progress in each area. Slowing down has probably been the hardest, as I seem to have this inner motor revving. Somewhere along the way I learned to live fast, always in a hurry. But throughout the year choosing mindfulness, recognizing when I am rushing, being really aware of this has helped me to begin to do life differently. Using breath prayers and taking to heart the Scriptures I write in the morning have both slowed my racing heart and set my mind at ease, helping me slow my pace. Stopping to be present in the moment is another practice that has made a difference. Taking time to breathe deeply and enjoy the person I am with, the food I am eating, the coffee I am sipping, or the activity I am doing, these have become part of my daily life.

When you constantly live in rush mode you don’t even realize it, I needed these stepping stones to help me. I read about many different practices and chose to use some of them at various times. Many have helped me to slow my anxious, hurried pace. I will take them with me into the new year. They have become a part of my life, a part of me. Right now, as I work my way through Alan Fadling’s book The Unhurried Life, I see areas of change still necessary, but there is no denying the growth that has taken place. (I will soon be sharing more about this book, but moving has limited my reading time.)

Learning Sabbath rest and choosing rest during the remainder of my weekdays, both have been incorporated into my life. Sunday’s have grown to be day’s focused on resting in the One who is in control. Days of worship, reading, naps, simple meals of soups and/or salads, movies, and just together-time with loved ones. I look forward to Sundays, knowing the quiet peacefulness that flows from having a plan of rest in place.

Practicing Sabbath rest has helped me choose rest throughout the other days of the week as well. Stopping in my day, to sit, to read a portion of a book, to play with my bunnies or watch them and their silly shenanigans, to take a nap when I feel tired, or to sit down to write in my journal. Each one of these have become part of choosing rest in my days.

Living in simplicity began with the chore of decluttering the house and flowed into decluttering my calendar, my life, my mind, and my heart. Getting ready to move made decluttering the house a must, and it has been the best thing for me. I never realized the difference the quietness of clear counters and open spaces could make in my heart and soul. And, as I said, it started with outward changes, but I have internalized the desire for simplicity and seek it now without thinking about it too much. I look at life differently in deciding what is important and what really matters. And I am loving it.

Yet, I still stumble back into my old ways. I think the real difference is that I now notice my stumbling, I recognize the direction I am headed in, and I turn back to choose my practices of life recalibration. These practices have now become a part of me and that was the goal all along. The Lord has taught TV me more about His love throughout this year. Coming to know more of His love has been a by-product of the practices I learned. It is in His love that my soul is refreshed and I feel compelled to reach for that love.

The Lord’s love has made it safe to stop, to breathe, and to move forward differently. I have found the Refuge I needed to help me stop running. He has been here all along, but in my hurry to escape the inner emptiness I missed recognizing the safety of knowing Him deeper and being held in His amazing love. So, to Him be all the glory, for He has been patient and kind with me, helping me each step of the way. He is the Shepherd-Guide I am seeking to cling to each day, moment-by-moment.

Recalibrating life in 2019 has been a life-journey I will always reflect back on. I learned so much, and I know I will continue to return to the books, notes nd journal entries I made as I was reading and learning.

How has your 2019 word of the year made a difference in your life? What changes have you made, or how have you grown in 2019? Please share in the comments below.

*Photo from Unsplash by Jae Bano

16 thoughts on “Looking Back at My Recalibrate Life Year

    1. Learning to live out Sabbath-keeping has truly changed the pace of my life. I want to continue to grow in it! It is such a beautiful gift from our Lord. Thanks so much for stopping by! May the Lord guide you in living Sabbath and help you in the changes you desire. Merry Christmas!


  1. Cheryl,
    I really found your post helpful as I am thinking that my “word” for 2020 needs to be “simplicity”. Since I have some physical limitations and struggles with anxiety, I find that seeking a slower pace, resting, and basically making life simpler is not a luxury, but a necessity. This year’s word was “rest”. I feel as if I’ve made progress, but that I need to take it a step further and add simplicity – as in keeping the schedule short and not trying to cram 20 things into the space that only 5 can fit. From your post, I think you “get” this. Thanks for the soul encouragement to keep pursuing this path.
    Bev xx


    1. I am so glad you found this post helpful! I am making progress but I am still learning how to be consistent in my practice ofboth rest and simplicity. It takes such intentionality, especially when you are use to doing it differently, as I had been. I am so glad your soul was encouraged through this post. May the Lord lead you in wisdom as you pursue the path of simplicity and continue finding rest in Him.
      Sweet Blessings to you ♡!


  2. I have read so much lately about choosing a word for the year. I think I may do this in 2020. I think I need to do this in 2020! Seems like God is prompting me to think about this and choose an appropriate word. I like that your areas to focus on were slow down, rest, and live simpler. I need to focus on these as well! Thank you for spurring my mind to think about these things!

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  3. Such a thoughtful look at a purposeful year of pressing in to God through rest and sabbath! I am learning to incorporate both more purposefully in my life.


    1. “Pressing in to God,”I love the sound of that! The learning and living of rest and Sabbath have mainly come about as I have grown in learning more and more about His love for me. Apart from that it seems I am constantly striving. I must be intentional in reaching for and relying on His love in order to truly find rest. I am so glad you stopped by!


  4. It sounds like you’ve put into practice some important recalibrations for this year. Bravo for having a growth mindset and realizing that it’s never too late to make adjustments and changes :). I wrote an entire series on Sabbath rest–it’s so important for keeping our lives sane and balanced!


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I would love to read your series on Sabbath rest, please send me a link or tell me how to find the posts. Keeping life sane and balanced is very important, you’re right 😊! I look forward to reading your series. Thanks again!


  5. Slowing down often feels hard for me too because there are so many things I want to do. But I like what you say here: “The Lord’s love has made it safe to stop, to breathe, and to move forward differently.”


  6. So many great points here! This sounds like a great focus for the year. It is important to be intentional in choosing to rest. That’s something I am trying to do more too.


    1. Thank you! It is important to be intenational about choosing rest! I am learning, but making these changes comes slowly and I need to be patient when I fail. May the Lord lead you in learning to choose rest in the days ahead. Thanks do much for stopping by!


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