Surrendering: Leaning in Dependence upon God


One of the areas that the Lord has shown me that I need to surrender is in really depending upon Him. It seems in our self-sufficiency, we do not depend on another until we are in a state of desperation. Or at least those are words that describe me.

But the Lord wants me to depend on Him moment by moment.

He wants me to recognize Him in each situation.

He wants me to recognize His presence.

He wants me to recognize His availability.

He wants me to recognize His ability to work it out.

He wants me to recognize His sovereignty.

He is Lord.

Yet, too often, I decide, I manipulate, I try to control. I need the situation to work out and I want it to work out my way, to my benefit.

He is showing me, if He is truly my Lord, then I need to STOP. I need to rely on His wisdom, His guidance, His leading. I need to seek Him in prayer to know the best way to move forward. I need to depend on Him.

He is with me each and every moment. His Spirit abides in me, and too often I move through life before seeking Him. This area of surrender is wrapped up in abiding in Him. It is wrapped up in knowing His presence.

It is yielding rather than doing it my way. It means a new way of thinking.

It means a new way of living.

It is not a one time choice or a one time decision, it is a daily, moment by moment way of living.

Are you surrendering your independence to depend fully on Him?